Tinder dating for cats

Do you ever feel lonely? Looking for someone to give you a cuddle? Me too. So let’s get together! 🙂

Now you can see me and my little buddies in real time. Currently staying in a shelter, we‘d like nothing more than to move out. To a real home.

Scroll down and check out who I’m catting around with, how you can change our lives and why you can even find us on a dating app.

Let’s get to know each other

Click through the photos and pick one of us. There are about 300 of us little tigers!

Have crush on me?

Adopt me

Give me a second chance and a new home.
That’s all I really, really want.
There are about 300 of us.

→ Call my protector +420 728 193 712 and change both our lives.

Feed me

If you can’t scratch my belly whenever I want, I’ll at least be happy if you feed it.
Our shelter is running out of catfood, especially for our adorable kittens.

→ Apart from yummy food you can donate blankets, towels – and we’re also looking for a washing machine and a dryer.

Help me out

In order to be a healthy, bouncy little tigger, I‘ve got my bee shot, hookworm medication and I’m waiting for castration in the shelter. It all costs a whole bunch of money. I’ll be grateful for every penny you send to the official transparent account PSOZ 2000326202/2010.

We all know that a little something is better than nothing 🙂

→ Check the above account to ensure that the dosh really goes where it should. And then, when you’re sure, throw a bit of money our way.

Who put me here and why

Two groups of amazing people have helped me get onto this dating site: PSOZ, my saviour and protector and VISIBILITY, my mates on the Internets and Tinders. Here they tell you more. Like, why I’m here and some interesting things about me. And hugs and kisses to NETREX, my personal stalkers, live streaming my fabulous reality show from the vila. :* 😀

PSOZ, Hana Janišová:

Our Prague Association for Animal Protection (PSOZ) operates the shelter Kocour Felix in Klecany, a minishelter in Prague 7 and plenty of sites for temporary care throughout Prague. At the moment, due to the strain, we’re coming apart at the seams and more than ever we need to match the cats with new owners. Currently we are caring for more than 300 charming felines – and a pack of degus on top of that! Even they have their own Tinder profile.

And how did we get to be so overcrowded right now? Firstly, this year’s kittens have grown up and secondly… We accept all foundlings. Unfortunately, in some other shelters the animals are put down if a home hasn’t been found for them after a certain amount of time – heartbreaking!. We are totally against this and would much rather explore other ways to find new owners for our beautiful residents.“

VISIBILITY, Lenka Kotvová:

„Did you know that October the 4th is the day of celebration of all animals? In PSOZ there are around 300 furry friends who‘d love to celebrate this world day. With someone, in a home. In our digital marketing agency we’ve decided to find a way to make their dreams come true.

As a novel way of looking at this problem, we’ve turned to Tinder. This social network has come a long way in the last three years: the most progressive social dating network out there has grown immensely from an app where you‘d be just looking for a one night stand. 80 million users, 15 million using it daily. Every day it records 1,4 billion finger swipes for judging the profile and in the Czech Republic the number of users is counted in hundreds of thousands. However, as of yet, there is no advertising on Tinder and – as far as we know – there hasn’t been any marketing use of this network in our country. We see great potential in this. Isn’t this THE place to go to easily interconnect two large groups just longing for a cuddle? Lonely (54 % single) millenials and hundreds of lonesome, loveable cats?

We’ve, therefore, decided to give our voice, support and hugs to this second group. On Tinder the pets from PSOZ are accompanied by our real colleagues throughout all departments (social, PPC and account) and even by our highest, the CEO.“


Shelter Felix in Klecany and many deposites throughout Prague
Chairman of the association: Hana Janišová, 728 193 712
Transparent account 2000326202/2010

Head of Social Media: Lenka Kotvová, 604 354 417

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